GEFA FABROTON® is a water and nutrient reservoir, enriched with high quality lava rock and clay minerals. It is used to significantly improve heavy soils in plantings.

TreeParker Rootmanagement

The new TreeParker® Root management system is the response by our Dutch partner, Greenmax, to new requirements placed on urban tree locations by the current regulations and green experts.

Tree Bracing

When planting young trees, a basic prerequisite to ensure proper growth is that they are properly secured. This securing must be done quickly, gently and cost-effectively. GEFA Fabritz tree bracing systems have been fulfilling these criteria for years.

Crown Bracing

GEFA Crown bracing systems can support damaged branches and prevent injury or damage. The installation of the systems can be executed without damage to the tree, meaning that its natural structure is preserved.

Tree Anchorage

Before a tree can establish itself at its final location, it must be able to survive a prolonged, critical phase of growth. The GEFA TREELOCK® is the ideal method for secure and invisible anchorage. It provides the tree with the necessary stability during the growth phase, and protects its roots.

Irrigation and aeration

The GEFA LUWA system was developed in collaboration with leading tree experts. It offers a 2-in-1 solution: Irrigation and aeration in only one system – with only one filling point ‑ and with two completely separate lines for irrigation and for aeration.


Urban trees and trees lining roads, suffer the greatest deficits in mycorrhiza fungi. Through targeted application of mycorrhiza, it is possible to support the healthy growth of trees, in particular those in stressful situations.

Soil additives

Plants struggle in sandy soils with little humus, as nutrients and water are not retained. They also find it hard in heavy clay soils, as these do not permit gas exchange. GEFA Fabritz Soil additives offers the solution.

Public spaces

The GEFA Flower Design range offers a wide selection of planting elements with long-term water storage function. Due to the high-quality and technically sophisticated planters, the enhancement of inner cities is no longer a problem.

lawn seeds

Using the coated seed series SEED & SORB®, young seedlings are provided with optimal start conditions even in difficult locations. Thanks to ideal preparation, lawn areas will grow even without further fertilisation into robust and durable turf that can cater for maximum functional and visual requirements.

Root management

The GEFA Root management system was developed in 1976. It is suitable, for example, for the protection of road paving, as it guarantees high tree stability. Usually, barriers of 30, 45 or 60 cm are used. If cables or lines which are located too close to the tree need protection, it is possible to install deep root guides measuring 90 or 120 cm.

Ground irrigation

The services provided by the GEFA in the field of irrigation are gathered together under the brand name GREENDROP®. Perfectly aligned to the requirements of green spaces, modern technology by leading manufacturers ensures uniform irrigation, independent of climate change, for all year round.

Bed borders

Paths break out without borders, areas merge. In gardens with clearly defined lawn and planting areas, intensive care is necessary to prevent ingrowth of grass and ground cover.

Tree protection

The trunks of trees are frequently damaged when mowing, for example through brush cutters. PLANTASAFE® offers effective protection against mowing damage.

trees and construction sites

In the course of the increasing importance of tree planting, tree preservation and simultaneous protection of the urban infrastructure, the subject of tree protection on construction sites is becoming more and more important. That is why GEFA decided to create space in the product portfolio for this area as well.