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About GEFA Fabritz

For over 30 years the leading supplier for special products from the gardening and landscaping sector.

Concentrating fully on green growth. Gerhard Fabritz had very clear aims when he outsourced a section of the company then known as Fabritz GmbH in 1992. He wanted to focus fully on preserving the environment and had already developed his first product for the purpose: the GEFA Tree bracing system. Today, this tree bracing system is one of the most popular standard bracing systems for young trees.

From the initial tentative idea to a strong-rooted concept

The Fabritz capacity for invention quickly put out further strong roots. GEFA TREELOCK®, a practical underground anchor, is now more popular than ever thanks to the existing trend for urbanisation. Crown bracing systems secure tree tops and thus protect people. And ground additives and water storage granules assist trees and shrubs for healthy growth even in unfavourable locations. Today, GEFA Produkte® Fabritz is one of the leading suppliers for special products concerning tree planting, tree care and soil improvement.

A family-run operation with a passion for green environments which has been passed down through the generations

Gerhard Fabritz has passed on his passion for green environments to his children, Anja Chr. Kauls-Fabritz and Thorsten A. Fabritz. His son is a graduate economist and the current Managing Director of the successful family-run company. His daughter manages the commercial matters within the company.

Then as now, the values innovation, continuity and flexibility flow in the capillaries of this second generation. This constant development of new products and solutions represents the fertiliser for the sustainable success of the company. Here our customers, suppliers and own employees alike are greeted with open eyes and ears.

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Partnerships which bear fruit

Partnerships which bear fruit

SJust as fungi enter into a close relationship with trees, GEFA also relies on strategic partnerships. Through its collaboration with companies such as Feldsaaten Freudenberger, Evonik Industries, GREENMAX and Humberg, landscape gardeners, landscape architects and municipalities profit from rounded complete solutions from a single source. Over and above this, good relationships with GEFA partners in Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland have proven highly fruitful.

Always extending the crown further towards the sun

Those with strong roots are able to consistently expand their crown. With the expansion of the Production and the warehouse areas in Krefeld, GEFA can now adapt even more flexibly to customer requirements. Individually-tailored products are logistically possible, as well as the delivery of large quantities.

However, our many small branches also remain well-cared for. For example, the new GEFA online shop makes it easier for users to obtain information on the products and to order around the clock. And what is ordered today is generally delivered to the construction site the next. Through the integration of, service texts can now simply be adopted into your own directories.