Bed Border

If there is no border, paths break out, areas grow into one another. In gardens with clearly defined lawns and planting areas, intensive care is necessary to prevent grass and ground cover from growing in. Traditional bed and path borders made of stone or wood, in turn, entail maintenance and care work.

Edges enable economical maintenance of gardens and increase the overall aesthetic impression through their clear delimitation.

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CORE Edge Edging

CORE Edge Edging - Stylish Border for Gardens and Pathways

Edgings are an indispensable component in the world of gardening and landscaping. They serve not only to clearly delineate various garden areas but also contribute to the aesthetic design. These versatile elements create definition and order in your garden by separating flower beds from lawns, lawns from pathways, and other areas from each other.

At GEFA, in addition to the proven variants made of aluminum or steel, you can now also find special edgings made of Corten steel. This material is distinguished not only by its durability and functionality but also by its aesthetic appeal.

Why Corten Steel

Corten steel, also known as weather-resistant steel, is an alloyed type of steel specifically developed for use in challenging weather conditions. The secret to its success lies in the formation of a stable rust layer on its surface, which protects it from further corrosion. This rust layer not only gives Corten steel its characteristic warm hue but also serves as a protective shield against further weathering.

The rusty patina of the material blends harmoniously with natural surroundings, adding a timeless, rustic flair to any garden. From straight lines to graceful curves, they offer a wide range of design possibilities. Corten steel edgings are highly durable and require minimal maintenance.


CORE Edge Specifications.

CORE EDGE – the one with teeth.

The special feature of CORE EDGE border edgings is the anchoring pins and the specific connection technology integrated into each CORE EDGE element. This allows the border edgings to be easily installed without the need for additional anchors or special tools.

Technical Specifications

- Material: Flexible Steel
- Material Thickness: 1.6 mm
- Overall Length: 1075 mm
- Usable Length: 1000 mm
- Quantity per Package: 5 pieces (5 meters in total)

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The RITE-EDGE bed border was designed by landscape architects and has received several awards. RITE-EDGE is increasingly used in professionally planned gardens as the best solution for the clean delimitation of lawns, beds, sidewalks, jogging paths, driveways and asphalt surfaces. RITE-EDGE is made from a high quality aluminum alloy and will last at least 27 years.

Shapely lawn edges

Forget about replacing or repainting. The edging does not rust and does not get stained. RITE-EDGE is light and is supplied in long individual pieces that can be telescoped into one another without screws. The top edge of the profile is free of sharp edges so that you do not injure yourself and the blades of the lawnmower do not to be damaged.

Tight curves are possible by simply bending over a round piece of wood or the edge of a table. Lean back and marvel at the positive effect of your newly laid edging.


• Very durable and maintenance-free
• Easy installation
• Saves work - now and in the future
• Keeps your garden in shape
• Separation from sand, pebbles, bark & ​​lawn

Technical data

GEFA RITE-EDGE is made of the aluminum alloy 6063 with degree of hardness T6 (fastening spikes: aluminum 6061 / T6). This achieves a shelf life of 27 years even in hot and humid climates. We recommend an overlap of 5 cm per connection. This dimension should be taken into account when calculating the required length.

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RiteEdge Alu "narrow" RiteEdge Alu "normal"
Material 3 mm aluminum 4.5 mm aluminum
Corrosion protection Alloy 6063 hardness T6 Alloy 6063 hardness T6
Dimensions approx .: 2,400 x 3 x 100 mm approx .: 2,400 x 4.5 x 140 mm
Quantity 14 pieces = 33.6 m 10 pieces = 24 m


The culture of road construction and that of path edging can be traced back to the time of the Roman Empire. To this day, some of these borders are still in place in historical gardens. The Greenliner edging system made of steel takes up these design lines and implements them using contemporary materials with permanent corrosion protection. Value is placed on products that are easy to process and good price / Performance ratio.

Steel-hard separation

Paths need edging in order to break out or to prevent setting in the edge area. Vegetation areas with different uses (e.g. lawns or planted areas) can be cared for economically by edging and their clear delimitation increases the overall aesthetic impression.

Permanent separation of lawn and planting areas. No cutting of lawn edges and no growing in of ground cover and perennials in lawns. Easy formation of plant rings and raised beds up to approx. 16 cm set new design standards. Excellent design for a slim edging of bark mulch, gravel and gravel paths. Robust and permanent edging of pond and water surfaces. Immediate alignment, height alignment in one element.

Possible uses:

• Gravel / gravel / bark mulch paths
• Lawns / trees and shrubs
• Gravel demarcation on buildings
• Raised beds

Design advantages:

• Aesthetic overall impression of design and functional areas through clear lines
• Invisible installation or protruding and emphasizing
• Pavement design without a mix of materials
• Technically perfect connection and closure of water areas to paths and vegetation areas
• Water basin and planting zone design indoors or on roofs




GREENLINER® StahlLight 110V GREENLINER® StahlLight 160V
Material 0.9 mm sheet steel 0.9 mm sheet steel
Corrosion protection zinc-magnesium zinc-magnesium
Dimensions 2000 x 3 x 110 mm 2000 x 3 x 160 mm
Quantity 10 pieces = 20 m 10 pieces = 20 m