SEED & SORB® Lawn seeds

Very high demands are placed on lawns in terms of load, care needs and appearance. In addition, there are sometimes difficult climatic and local conditions: wind swirls the seeds, an inadequate water supply and slightly permeable soil allow seeds that have just germinated to dry out.

Bare seeds must be invested in care, watering and fertilizer to ensure a satisfactory result.

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Water in the coat

Coated seeds with water storage

GEFA Fabritz has developed the coated seed range SEED & SORB® with XXL water storage. The from SEED & SORB® seeds, encased in a coat of nutrients and STOCKOSORB®, absorb more moisture than conventional naked seeds and make it available for the young seedling. This is primarily thanks to the effective water storage system STOCKOSORB®. It ensures that plant-available water is stored in the coat. In addition, there is an increased absorption of nutrients guaranteed. The applied lawn seeds absorb the moisture from its surroundings (irrigation, Soil moisture, dew moisture) and is increasingly able to see this moisture through the absorber to tie.

Reduce effort

The higher weight of the SEED & SORB® seeds makes machine and manual sowing much easier. Gusts of wind do not affect the seeding pattern. The increased weight (due to Coat and increased moisture content) improves soil contact. The sward becomes thicker and better rooted.

This excellent starter supply can increase seed emergence by up to 50% compared to conventional lawn seeds. This significantly reduces the application rate. At the same time, the eye-catching red color of the coat makes the sowing pattern very good detect.

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GEFA SEED&SORB - Period of use

SEED & SORB® Period of use and advantages

  • falls through existing grass
  • better germination
  • Good ground contact and even spread pattern
  • low susceptibility to wind and fewer failures
  • high area performance
  • easy to sow and no loss through bird damage.

Test results

SEED & SORB® Test results

As part of a greenhouse experiment, both SEED & SORB® and conventional seeds were germinated in the quartz sand. In this series of tests, the seeds were exposed to extreme climatic conditions such as water stress, high temperatures and strong sunlight, in order to observe in particular the growth behavior after germination.

From the ninth day, the increase in length of both parts was determined. The conventional, untreated seeds could not withstand the extreme climatic conditions, dried up and died. SEED & SORB® was able to store the small amount of moisture better and thus withstood the extreme conditions.

SEED & SORB® Product variants

GSS Universal RSM2.3
Universal RSM 2.3

GSS Universal RSM 2.3 The universal turf for all locations with rapid initial development and acceptance. The lawn has average maintenance requirements with medium to high loads.

Seeding rate: 25 g / m² for 400m²


25% Festuca rubra commutata, variety Casanova | 15% Festuca rubra rubra, cultivar Maxima1 | 5% Festuca rubra trichophylla, cultivar Rosita | 25% Lolium perenne, variety Henrietta | 15% Lolium perenne, variety Gator | 10% Poa pratensis, cultivar Miracle | 5% Poa pratensis, variety Panduro

GSS Sport New RSM 3.1
Sport Neuanlage RSM 3.1

GSS Sport new system RSM 3.1 For stressed sports turf areas on all locations. The lawn is characterized by very high resilience, a dense and firm grain with good cut tolerance, very good regenerative capacity and attractive winter aspect.

Seed rate: 25 g / m² for 400m²


30% Lolium perenne, Variety Gator | 20% Lolium perenne, variety Elegana | 15% Poa pratensis, variety Julia | 20% Poa pratensis, cultivar Nuglade | 15% Poa pratensis, cultivar Miracle

GSS Sport reseed RSM 3.2
Sport reseed RSM 3.2

GSS Sport Reseeding RSM 3.2 With this mixture, sowing in an existing area is possible without prior processing. The SEED & SORB® seeds fall through the existing grass to the ground and germinate there.

Seeding rate:

25 g / m² for 400 m² Composition:

40% Lolium perenne, variety Elegana | 40% Lolium perenne, variety Kelvin | 10% Lolium perenne, variety Gator | 10% Poa pratensis, variety Miracle

Mycorrhiza for grass
Mycorrhiza for grass

GSS mycorrhiza for lawns Let your lawns become even greener and more durable with the special GEFA mycorrhiza for lawns. The fast-acting mycorrhizal fungi enlarge the root surface of grasses and thus convey more important nutrients and water to the lawn plants than would otherwise be the case. For this they get sugars from the grasses. This creates a community that has an extremely positive effect on the lawns.

Application rate: 20 ml / m²