FABROTON® granulate mixture

FABROTON® is a water and nutrient reservoir, enriched with high quality lava rock and clay minerals. It is used to significantly improve heavy soils in plantings. The STOCKOSORB® water storage granulate it contains is a superabsorbent (a homopolymer r based on potassium), acrylamide-free and specially developed for the professional horticultural sector.

The mineral long-term fertilizer supplies the plants with nutrients for up to six months and thus supports the growth phase. Lava rock and clay minerals promote the overall balance of the soil with their positive air and structural properties and also loosen it up, which benefits the formation of roots.

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GEFA Fabroton®


FABROTON® granulate mixture for a wide range of applications: only FABROTON® from GEFA Produkte Fabritz GmbH improves the soil in a single operation. For green, flowering and useful plants in beds and tubs, for lawns as well as for trees and roadside greenery.

Only FABROTON® growing media contain extremely high-quality components in a unique mixture. In the new FABROTON® product range, fertilisers, water storage granules and additives for soil loosening are optimally tailored to four common areas of application:

• FABROTON® Grass: For new lawns (seed or rolled turf)
• FABROTON® Roadside: For heavily used roadside greenery
• FABROTON® Tree: For young trees and shrubs
• FABROTON® Universal: For green, flowering and useful plants

As a specialist in urban planting, GEFA has been the contact for gardening and landscaping, landscape architects and municipal services for over 30 years. The new FABROTON® series arose from this many years of experience and the intensive dialogue with customers: In four application-specific mixtures, the growing medium brings all the essential components into the soil with a flick of the wrist.

• Plant, fertilize, optimize long-term - in just one operation
• Less loss of plants
• Up to 60% fewer pours
• Fertilizer effect for up to two growing seasons
• Long-term water storage effect for up to five years

Fabroton sack

Application-specific formulation

A new feature of FABROTON® is the clear demarcation of the areas of application. The predecessor product of the same name enjoyed a good reputation as a general soil additive for many years. However, customers kept asking about specific applications - the idea for a new, specialized growing medium was born.

“We coordinated intensively with customers, manufacturers and researchers and went through several test series. With a total of four variants, FABROTON® is now optimally tailored to the respective application.” Marius Wiede, product consultant for soil additives

Perfect dosage

Mixed products are undisputedly practical to use. Sometimes, however, a high-quality component hides the fact that there are other additives of inferior quality. Not so with FABROTON®: High-quality special products are consistently used here. And all this in a dosage optimized for their respective area of ​​application: tree plantings, green, flowering and useful plants as well as lawns and roadside greenery benefit from significantly improved site conditions with FABROTON®. Customer feedback collected over the years and the results of scientific studies were used to determine the mixing ratio.

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Improved soil quality

Improved soil quality

The soil is the be-all and end-all of every planting: Plants can only successfully establish themselves where nutrients are available in sufficient form. Special attention should therefore be paid to the root area: it should be permeable, rich in nutrients and biologically active. The opposite is usually the case, especially in urban locations. Compacted, overdeveloped and depleted, urban soils show a low water absorption capacity and an overall root-hostile condition. The application of growing media at the time of planting can remedy this and greatly reduce plant failures. With the use of high-quality components and long-term fertilizers, FABBROTON® can bring about a significant and lasting improvement in soil conditions.

• Improve city soil
• Enable urban green
• Better quality of life
• Improve urban micro and soil climate
• Save water

Sotckosorb Fabroton

Ending drought stress

Nur bei Fabroton® der GEFA Produkte Fabritz GmbH finden sich qualitativ äußerst hochwertige Komponenten in einer einzigartigen Mischung:

Water storage Stockosorb®
The basis for all FABROTON® mixtures is Stockosorb®. This water-storing homopolymer is one of GEFA's most popular products. Once the soil has been used up, it stores significantly more water: the hydrogel absorbs up to 300 times its own volume. The stored liquid is released back to the roots in the long term, thus minimizing the water and nutrient losses caused by seepage, evaporation and surface runoff. The yield potential of the soil and substrate is secured. In addition, Stockosorb® has high cycle stability and thus a long service life. The granules are environmentally friendly, do not affect the pH value and are even biodegradable.

The many advantages of Stockosorb® have been scientifically proven by studies by the University of Göttingen, Institute for Forest Botany: Stockosorb® has been proven to activate plant growth. Even in extreme locations, plants with Stockosorb® establish more roots. This leads to better shoot formation and safer growth, the maintenance effort is noticeably reduced. Up to 60% fewer watering passes make personnel planning easier and reduce water consumption. Efficacy is up to five years; then the granulate decomposes without leaving any residue.

• Proven Additions
• No drought stress
• Soil Improvement
• Water saving

FABROTON® Universal


FABROTON® UNIVERSAL is the growing medium for a wide range of applications. It is equally suitable for green, flowering and useful plants. With just one administration, flowers and perennials in beds, boxes and pots stay healthy and strong. High-quality ornamental trees also benefit. Just 100 grams of FABROTON® UNIVERSAL have been shown to store approx. 8 liters of moisture. A minimum of 95% of the water is available to plants. The combined effect of water storage, long-term fertilizer mixture and biostimulants means that plants are optimally supplied: the failure rate is minimized even with permeable soils and exposed locations. The all-in-one growing medium also shows its advantages when there is a high nitrate content in the irrigation water.

FABROTON® UNIVERSAL is a dry, easy-to-spread granulate mixture based on Stockosorb. The potassium-based water-storing homopolymer is a superabsorbent that can be used to reduce casting runs by up to 60 percent. It is enriched with soluble, slowly released synthetic nitrogen fertilizers. The lava grain also contained in the granulate also promotes the soil structure. In addition, FABROTON® UNIVERSAL contains root growth activators that act in the form of biostimulants.

The NPK fertilizer mixture also contains water-soluble, quickly released and coated mineral fertilizers with long-term effects. Thanks to this combination, you can already cover two growing seasons with just one application. To do this, simply work the granules homogeneously into the substrate before planting or sowing and in dry weather.


Fabroton areas of application

Advantages of Fabroton® UNIVERSAL

• 3 - in - 1 growing medium
• Saves 60% irrigation water
• Works over two growing seasons
• Promotes root development

Areas of application

• Tree & amp; Shrub plantings, flower & amp; Perennial Beds, Graves, Roof Gardens, Lawns
• Garden & amp; Landscaping
• Agricultural crops



In order to bring young trees and bushes over the first few years, a lot of maintenance is sometimes necessary. This is where FABROTON® TREE supports: The growing medium is water storage, fertilizer and growth promoter in one. Incorporated directly during planting, the granulate activates growth, supplies the plants with nutrients and at the same time protects against drought with its integrated water reservoir. During the composition, emphasis was placed on the use of the planting hole close to the roots, so that the fertilization can already be introduced as part of the autumn planting.

The basis of FABROTON® TREE is Stockosorb. The potassium-based water-storing homopolymer is a superabsorbent whose positive effect on the water balance and soil loosening has been scientifically proven. Lava grain with its positive air and structure properties also contributes to better root penetration. Humic acids bind pollutants and facilitate the absorption of nutrients. With a differentiated interaction of quickly released fertilizer and coated long-term components, FABROTON® TREE is extremely efficient in use: With one application, plants are supplied with nutrients over a period of 1.5 - 2 years.

GEFA FABROTON® TREEis preferably mixed homogeneously into the substrate when planting. A plus in potash makes the trees fit for the upcoming winter and the coming vegetation phase with autumn fertilization.


Fabroton Tree application

Advantages of FABROTON® TREE

• 3 - in - 1 growing medium
• High efficiency due to low leaching
• Saves 60% irrigation water
• Works over two growing seasons
• Root development is promoted

Areas of application

• Tree & shrub plantings, tree grates & planting holes
• Substrate mixtures



As a diversely used leisure area, lawn is under constant stress. FABROTON® GRASS was specially developed to improve the soil quality for lawns, sown seeds and turf. The physically effective all-in-one culture substrate ensures the supply for an entire vegetation period on sports fields, golf courses, public green, but also in private gardens with just one application.

With STOCKOSORB® as the basis, the culture substrate uses a water-storing homopolymer based on potassium, with which casting runs can be reduced by up to 60 percent. Recycled phosphate is used for a balanced supply of nutrients. FABROTON® GRASS thus provides a sustainable and highly plant-available fertilizer that, unlike primary phosphorus, does not contain any pollutants. The prepared fertilizer promotes significantly stronger root formation and more efficient use of nutrients.

The lava grain contained in the granules also promotes the soil structure and helps to improve ventilation and performance. This benefits the root development of the plant and promotes plant growth itself.

The dry, easily spreadable granulate mixture must be homogeneously sprinkled and worked into the turf base layer in dry, not windy weather.


Fabroton Grass application

Advantages of FABROTON® GRASS

• Better seed germination
• Healthier & deeper root development • Saves 50% irrigation water
• Improved CEC value
• Less nutrient loss

Areas of application

• Golf courses
• All kinds of lawns
• Laying of new turf
• Sports turf and soccer fields

FABROTON® Roadside


Adequate water supply is of the utmost importance for the often heavily used roadside green. Therefore FABROTON® ROADSIDE contains a finely granulated multi-matrix wetting agent with innovative 3D technology. Support comes from the waterstoring homopolymer STOCKOSORB®. Loss of nutrients caused by seepage, evaporation and surface runoff are minimized with this combination and the plant has more water available. For plantings of all kinds on traffic islands and grass verges, this results in a significantly improved water management.

Mixed with lava grain with its positive air and structural properties, STOCKOSORB® promotes the overall balance of the soil and loosens it up, which benefits the formation of roots. This results in significantly better chances of survival for new plantings on motorway routes, ramparts and greenery along the road. The mixture is enriched with biostimulants: bacteria colonize the roots and stimulate the production of roots. Phosphorus settled in the soil becomes available again. Yeasts improve the mineralization and humification processes of organic matter.

FABROTON® ROADSIDE is a dry, easily spreadable granulate mixture. The long-term effect is up to six months, depending on the dosage. It is best to distribute the granulate in dry weather or add it to the substrate when planting.


Fabroton Roadside application


• Saves 60% irrigation water
• Saves staff hours and water resources • Environmentally friendly
• Less drought stress
• Root development is encouraged

Areas of application

• Exposed locations
• Slopes
• Roadside green

Scientifically proven effectiveness

Scientifically proven effectiveness

In a practical test, the growth of young oaks was compared with and without FABROTON®. When evaluated after six months, the data clearly demonstrated the positive effect of the product: the trees treated with FABROTON® showed demonstrably greater height growth, a wider root collar diameter and heavier weight. A test with lawn mixtures also showed up to 20 percent more growth.

FABROTON® culture substrate is now optimally designed for the respective application. In close cooperation with customers, manufacturers and researchers, we have gone through several series of tests. The result is 4 variants GEFA - FABROTON®. You can ask for free information material with samples by clicking on the button.

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