Tree protection

Alleys and individual trees on streets and in the cityscape shape the modern landscape and at the same time bear witness to the sustainable coexistence of nature and infrastructure. For the maintenance and protection of trees from heat, frost and other adverse conditions, GEFA has set up an ecologically efficient range.

Numerous studies have shown that immediate treatment with light and water-impermeable films has a lasting positive effect on the tree. Typically, cells capable of dividing can still be found on fresh wound surfaces.

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ARBO-FLEX Tree Trunk Paint

ARBO-FLEX Protective Tree Trunk Paint

Arbo-Flex 7 plus is a long-term trunk protection paint specially designed to prevent and reduce thermal bark damage caused by heat or frost on hardwood. The protection period after a single coat is more than 7 years and replaces 10-15 traditional lime coats.

More than 10 years ago, Arbo-Flex, a special long-term protective coating of hardwood against non-parasitic (abiotic) damage, was developed.

These usually arise in young trees after transplanting from the protected roost to solitary sites and are generally referred to as "sun necrosis" or "frost cracks". In old trees they are known as "bark burn", caused by sudden release.

A tried and tested protective measure was the "tree white" known from fruit growing. The low durability of these coatings, however, required 1 to 3 repetitions a year.

New to ARBO-FLEX 7 plus:

The protection period after a single coat is more than 7 years and replaces 10-15 traditional lime coats. This gives the trunk the opportunity for the first time to slowly adapt to the changed radiation conditions over this period of time.

So far, no thermal bark damage has occurred on the trees that were painted 10 years ago.

The trunk protection paint ARBO-FLEX 7 plus must not be exposed to frost.

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Workflow for ARBO-FLEX 7 plus

1. Mechanical pre-cleaning using the abrasive fleece supplied (when used properly is cleaning with special wire brushes is much more effective, especially when coking is beginning, heavy lichen growth, etc.).

2. Apply primer LX 60 generously, allow to dry (touch-proof)

3. Apply the main coat of ARBO-FLEX to cover it (it is almost like “trowelling” with a brush)



Arbo-Flex does not offer any protection against abiotic causes of cracks such as B. water or nutrient deficiency. Likewise, there is no protection against biotic causes such as B. Verticillium given. According to research by Dr. Cutting wind on sycamore maple 40% of trunk cracks (Yearbook of Tree Care 2006).

What is important is "immediate protection from the bark after planting" and adequate protection from digging in the nursery to the planting site.

According to previous knowledge, trunk protection for more than 5 years is sufficient, however, "in particularly sunny locations and with sensitive tree species, trunk protection beyond this period can be useful or necessary." (Pro Tree No. 3/2008)


GEFA PLANTASAFE® Tree protection

GEFA PLANTASAFE® tree protection

Trees are often damaged on the trunk during mowing, for example by brushcutters.

The protective sleeve

PLANTASAFE® offers effective protection against mowing damage. The cuffs are supplied as plates and closed with plug connections. A single plate already protects small trees with a trunk circumference of 35 cm. For larger trees, two or more panels are connected to one another.

Product properties

• Inconspicuous coloring
• Preformed for use on the trunk
• Round ventilation openings in the upper 2/3
• Polyethylene (PE), 100% recyclable
• High quality FDA certified plastic
• Biodegradable (organic version)


• Effective protection
• Easy to apply
• Inconspicuous and UV-resistant
• XL variants can be expanded as required
• Does not hinder the tree from growing
• Also available as a biodegradable variant




The cuffs are delivered as plates. A single plate already protects trees with a trunk circumference of approx. 35 cm. For larger trees, two or more panels are simply connected to one another. For permanent protection, PLANTASAFE® XL can be adapted to the growing trunk size.

preformed mowing protection up to 20 cm StU, brown, 24 cm x 25 cm, in a pack of 50.

Mowing protection (21 x 36 cm), brown, can be put together in a pack of 50.



Bite damage from large and small game is often the cause of lasting vegetative damage to young trees. Trees are very vulnerable during the growth phase and therefore need special protection.

Protects the trunk

BiteProtect offers effective protection to shield trees from bite damage. The trunk protection is attached in a circle around the trunk and can be easily closed with cable ties or Tyraps connectors. BiteProtect will open Rolls are supplied and can therefore be processed flexibly on site. In addition, the innovative trunk protection has also been designed to protect the bark from the impact of golf balls.

Advantages of the BiteProtect protection

• flexible
• UV-resistant
• very easy assembly
• optimal ventilation openings
• suitable for all trunk sizes
• Also as protection against the impact of golf balls
• Material: polypropylene (PP), 100% recyclable
• The roll is designed for 50 m and 100 cm high


Mulch Mats

Mulch Mats

Mulch discs are considered to be the ideal weed suppressor in gardening and landscaping as well as in tree nurseries.

The mulching discs from GEFA Fabritz GmbH only rot after 2-3 years. They consist of compressed pure coconut fiber cross-linked with a natural binding agent.

• less maintenance effort
• Avoidance of unwanted herbaceous growth
• Reduces evaporation
• Permeable to air, water and fertilizer
• Improvement of the soil structure
• No washing away or scratching

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Alleys and single trees along the streets shape the modern landscape and at the same time bear witness to it a sustainable coexistence of nature and infrastructure. However, in addition to exposure to pollutants and the entry of de-icing salts, their existence is increasingly threatened by collision damage in traffic accidents. However, if the collision damage is treated immediately with suitable measures, the damage can be limited.

Wound closure in case of collision damage

In numerous studies it has been proven that the immediate treatment of collision damage with light and water impermeable foils has a lasting positive effect on the tree. Almost always, cells capable of dividing can still be found on fresh wound surfaces.

If these wounds are wrapped in a light- and water-impermeable bio-film within a few days, these cells are protected and cell division (callus formation) continues. As a result, a new tissue, the so-called surface callus, can arise not only on the edge of the wound but also on the entire wound surface. The wood underneath stays alive and closes the open wound.

Studies show that a wound protection film is a decisive step towards optimal wound treatment. In this way, the requirements as described by the ZTV - Tree Care under point 3.4.2 "Treatment of fresh and flat bark detachments (e.g. accident damage)" are fully met.

"Quote from Dr. Stobbe ":" From a tree-biological point of view, the tested wrapping films can therefore be recommended for the treatment of fresh collision damage to avenue trees or generally flat bark detachments to promote surface callus formation and thus optimal wound healing. "

According to recommendations, wound protection films should be removed after a year at the latest to prevent mold and pests from nestling. Thanks to its biodegradability, this step is not necessary with the GEFA ARBOTAPE®. After a year, depending on the weather and location, the film begins to decompose.

GEFA ARBOTAPE® Wound protection film

GEFA ARBOTAPE® Wound protection film

In the following table from the test set-up by the Institute for Tree Care in Hamburg it can be clearly seen that the GEFA ARBOTAPE® wound protection film performs better than the conventional non-rotting plastic film.

Numerous trees of the Maple and alder tree species that were checked after 4 and 10 months, respectively.

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1. Carefully remove visible foreign bodies from the wound surface and reattach loose pieces of bark.

2. Slightly moisten the wound with water from a spray bottle or similar device.


3. Wrap GEFA Arbotape wound protection film around the tree once or twice and seal the wound tightly so that it does not dry out.

4. Fix the wound protection film using the bio-tape adhesive tape.



Nothing is more sensitive in woody plants than exposed fine roots - the sun and wind dry them out within a few minutes. Then drought-related wood damage occurs. Bad growth results and high plant losses are those Consequence. Various products are available to prevent this: GEFA root protection gel, the pure, effective water reservoir.

• protects exposed woody roots from drying out during transport and storage
• ensures intensive new root formation after planting due to the optimized water supply
• Improved growth rates for woody plantings

What is root protection gel?

GEFA root protection gel is a fine-grain swelling powder. The water-storing gel particles surround the entire root system and provide sufficient plant-available moisture to prevent drying out. At the same time, a better water supply is already ensured when planting. The fast and safe regeneration of fine fiber roots ensures significantly better growth results. The effort for replanting due to plant loss is reduced.

What is it used for?

GEFA root protection gel is ideal for storing and transporting plants as well as for direct use on the construction site. As a starting aid, it ensures that the trees grow safely after planting.


GEFA root protection gel can be excellently combined with mycorrhiza or other products. The substances come directly to the root and can have an even more targeted effect.

How much do you need?

Only 1 kg of root protection gel results in at least 100 l of immersion broth for roots.

This is sufficient for about:

• 2,000 forest plants, transplanted once, material costs per plant thus approx. 0.3 cents.
• 800 ornamental shrubs, Heister, 2 x schooled, material costs / plant thus approx. 0.8 cents

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GEFA Root protection gel

Use of the GEFA root protection gel

The dipping process is the rule for small trees:
• Stir 50-100g of root protection gel into 10l of water (soft water = greater swelling)
• Let it swell for 30 minutes
• Dip wood roots in the solution

Dusting is particularly suitable for large trees:
• Thoroughly moisten the roots of the woody plants
• Dust the roots with GEFA root protection gel
• Let the powder swell for a few minutes
• nWater again with a fine nozzle


GEFA amphibian protection

Twice a year, amphibians migrate in search of new habitats. During this hike, busy country roads, motorways or railways often have to be crossed. The specially developed GEFA amphibian protection walls are used to protect amphibians such as B. To protect toads, newts and frogs from death on the street.

With the installation of these systems, the federal, state and city administrations are increasingly choosing combined measures to protect large and small game. That is why amphibian protection films are often installed in combination with a game fence. Amphibian protection films are available on rolls (25 m).

GEFA Amphibian protection properties

GEFA amphibian protection properties

• HDPE, black, 100% recyclable
• LDPE, green, 100% recyclable
• UV-resistant
• Long service life
• Waterproof
• Will not tear or break
• not reflective / not dazzling

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