GEFA GREENDROP® irrigation

The services of GEFA in the field of irrigation are summarized under the brand GREENDROP®. Perfectly tailored to the needs of green spaces, modern technology from leading manufacturers ensures uniform humidification throughout the year.

The effective answer to water shortages and the resulting growth problems in new plantings, because 100% of the water provided reaches the roots. Additional protection against mowing damage and the entry of road salt. The efficient support for tree planting made of UV-resistant material.

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GREENDROP® automatic irrigation

Do your customers still spend a lot of time watering beds and lawns? It doesn't have to be! with By installing an automatic irrigation system, your customers not only have more free time, they can also save water and money.

In addition: Even a longer period of drought is enough to destroy an otherwise impeccable green area. With an appropriate irrigation system, you can counteract such an unwanted horror scenario.

Everything from a single source!

Under the name GREENDROP®, GEFA Fabritz GmbH has developed a program that both Includes planning and delivery of components as well as qualification and support for specialist companies. If you become our partner in the area of ​​GREENDROP®, you will receive the complete planning of your irrigation system from us. In addition, we are YOUR specialist dealer of all NETAFIM ™ and Rain Bird® products.

We keep the most popular items from NETAFIM ™ and Rain Bird for the automatic irrigation of house gardens and public green spaces in stock for you. As a rule, you can have it available on the same day when you pick it up or within two working days for delivery.

You can find the complete GREENDROP® product range in the special catalog or in our online shop.


Irrigation planning

GEFA planning service

The GEFA team of experts supports you in the planning, design and implementation of GREENDROP® irrigation. In a hand-drawn sketch or, in the best case, a site plan in a CAD program, you can provide us with information on the nature of the soil, the type of planting, as well as the printing and dimensioning of the connection. We plan the irrigation system for you in existing or newly created gardens and green areas.

GREENDROP® irrigation questions

GREENDROP® irrigation questions

In Germany there is an average of more than 800 mm of precipitation per year. Is automatic irrigation really recommended?

Natural precipitation does not fall nearly as regularly as it would be necessary to ensure healthy and lush plant growth. The summers are getting hotter and hotter and a few days without rain are enough to damage the plants. If the rainwater is collected and distributed as required by a sprinkler system, this optimizes the use of water and labor.

Can you save time and money with automatic irrigation?

Clear yes. Once set up, the system works automatically and does not require any further manual support. The vegetation is optimally watered according to the soil conditions and location and thanks to healthy growth even with reduced fertilizer application. In addition, there is no overwatering, as a rain sensor switches the system off when there is sufficient rainfall. Modern, WiFi-supported control devices compare location data with weather forecasts and thus save even more water.

How do I know which system is the right one for my customer?

Use our GEFA GREENDROP® planning service. We plan the best possible solution for your customers with you.

Would you like to position yourself as a landscape architect or landscaping company as an expert in the field of irrigation systems? In regular seminars and training courses, we impart both the basics and the subtleties of automatic irrigation.

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GEFA pouring edge

GEFA pouring edge

The long-lasting and "growing" variant of the usual pouring rim with a capacity of up to 140 liters (with a diameter of 95 cm). The pouring rim formed by excavated soil is one of the absolute basics in gardening and landscaping. This method is now being optimized with the GEFA pouring rim.

Special plastic

A 30 cm high - made of 3 mm thick special plastic (LDPE) - ensures the big one Filling capacity and at the same time protects against unwanted road salt entry in the winter months.

Molded edge installation

The pouring edge is inserted 10 cm into the ground and the 20 cm remaining above ground, e.g. B. with the fix Special adhesive tape fixed against each other. We recommend adding growth to the overlap. In this way, the pouring edge can be adapted to further root growth in the future. The new pouring rim clip is now available for even easier fixation. This simply connects the two ends and saves you from sticking with the GEFA special adhesive tape.

The GEFA pouring rim is UV-resistant, 100% recyclable and, like the clips, can be reused.


• high filling capacity (Ø 95 cm = 140 liters)
• Adaptation to the root growth possible
• Easy to fill and therefore cost effective
• protects against the direct entry of road salt
• reusable

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GEFA pouring edge products

GEFA pouring edge products made of LDPE

for stable, optimal irrigation of the root system of trees in urban environments. 20 m roll of LDPE edge, 3 mm thick, 30 cm high, dark green.

GEFA pouring rim connection clip

for easy connection of the ends of a pouring edge without sticking for 3 mm pouring edge.

GEFA poured edge made of HDPE

for optimal irrigation of the roots of trees. 25 m roll, 30 cm high, 1.5 mm, recycled HDPE, UV-resistant, not color-fast, anthracite.

Pouring edge

Pouring edge calculation

1 roll of pouring edge LPDE corresponds to 20 m. Depending on the diameter of the pouring edge, 1 roll can be calculated as follows:

Root ball 1 roll Quantity Couplings
57 cm 11 trees 1.78 m 11
73 cm 8 trees 2.27 m 8
100 cm 6 trees 3.12 m 6
133 cm 4 trees 4.16 m 4

Irrigation bags

Irrigation bags

Robust watering bags are suitable for mobile irrigation for new plantings or for the maintenance of existing trees in drought conditions.

Water to the roots

Depending on the product variant, the irrigation bags hold 50 - 60 liters of water. The filling quantity varies depending on the size of the trunk. The water is released directly to the root area through a small opening in the bottom. Depending on the manufacturer, the draining time is approx. 5 - 8 hours per filling.

Easy assembly

1. Place the watering bag around the tree.
2. Pull the zipper up to the top.
3. Erect the sack using the loops to allow easy filling.
4. The generously dimensioned filler neck is located on the back.
5. Fill in water using a hose until the irrigation bag is full.

Increase volume

A single irrigation bag is suitable for trees with a trunk circumference of 8 cm - 30 cm.

In order to also water existing trees with a trunk circumference of more than 30 cm in dry periods, it is possible to use two or more bags, using Connect zipper. This increases the water capacity to 100-120 liters or more.

Our experts recommend the GREENDROP® irrigation bag.

Bewässerungssäcke kaufen

Theft protection irrigation bags

Protection against theft of the watering bags

As the theft of the irrigation bags in public spaces has been reported repeatedly in the past, we have launched a version of the Watercoat III with theft protection. Two eyelets on the front of the zipper allow it to be "locked" with a padlock.

This makes it impossible for thieves to remove the bag from the location without damaging it.

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Irrigation bags and mulching discs

Irrigation bags and mulching discs

The increased amount of water in dry months naturally also stimulates weeds to grow. A mulch disc directly under the irrigation sack prevents unwanted sprouting and thus also ensures a tidier appearance in urban areas.

Another advantage of a combination of irrigation sack and mulch disc is the more even and flat dripping. The mulching disc soaks up the water and then releases it evenly to the ground.

Advantage with wetting agent

Often the soils are highly compacted, which makes it difficult for the irrigation bags to drip off optimally. We therefore recommend the use of the wetting agent AquaSmart from ICL. The wetting agent is able to guarantee the wettability of the root zone over a longer period of time. The water can not only penetrate into the surface or felt layer, but also deep into the entire root zone moisten.

Advantages of watering bags

Assembly without tools
• Reusable
• One filling is enough for 2 - 3 days
• For new plantings and existing trees
• Expandable for larger trunk volumes
• Made of sturdy polyethylene and tear-resistant loops
• Irrigates the root area in a targeted manner

Various watering bags

- Greendrop® irrigation bags, made of PE, capacity max. 60 l
- Treegator® watering bags, made of PE. Filling quantity max. 60 l
- Watercoat® III irrigation bags, made of fabric-reinforced PVC. Filling quantity max. 60 l
- Watercoat® III irrigation bags Secure, with safety eyelets. Filling quantity max. 60 l
- Watercoat® III + mulching disc, 80 cm, included. 1x mulching disc. Capacity max. 60 l