GEFAguard® Root management

Uncontrolled root growth is increasingly leading to damage to road and pavement surfaces as well as cables and pipelines, especially in inner-city areas. The special root protection and root guidance systems of the GEFAguard® series offer solutions here.

Guide and steer the roots in the desired direction through GEFA systems. This on the one hand protects the root itself and on the other hand prevents consequential damage.

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Direct root growth

Direct root growth

In order to prevent roots from spreading in undesired directions, optimized systems made of high-quality plastic are used. A fundamental distinction must be made between root protection and root guidance. Root-free zones can be created with the GEFAguard® HDPE and GEFAguard® PP root protection systems. So z. B. Cables and wires are protected from tree roots and vertical and horizontal root growth prevented. If the area that can be penetrated by roots is severely restricted and the installation of a protection system for the tree has negative consequences (e.g. flower pot effect), the GEFAguard® TRG root guide systems with vertical ribs are recommended. These direct the roots downwards. At the lower end they follow their natural growth path.

When to root protection

Root protection can only be used if there is a sufficiently large area that can be penetrated by roots. The distance between the protection and the tree should be at least 2 m (depending on the diameter of the mature tree). Both GEFAguard® systems can be used for most types of wood. For rhizome formers such as bamboo, GEFAguard® HDPE should be used around the planting.

When to take the root

The installation of a root guidance system is recommended for distances less than 2 m. To protect z. B. the road pavements, the systems offer a high level of security and help to avoid high care and maintenance costs in the future.

The following points must be observed:

- Depth of the area to be protected
- 20 cm minimum distance between the highest groundwater level and the underside of the system
- Let the root protection protrude 1 to 2 cm above the soil layer
- Compress the substructure of the outer sides
- Humic substances in the lower planting pit area

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GEFAguard® root protection membranes enable the infrastructure to be protected from uncontrolled root growth. In addition, the roots themselves are protected because they might have to be cut without using the root protection.

Further advantages are a longer service life of the trees, the avoidance of cost-intensive renovations of the road surfaces and pavements that might otherwise be necessary.

GEFAguard® HDPE - Very strong types

With a wall thickness of 2 mm, GEFAguard® HDPE is one of the more robust root protection sheets available on the market. At the same time, the special plastic (HDPE) impresses with its high density and long service life of around 100 years. GEFAguard® HDPE is suitable for every type of root and every type of tree - also for use around bamboo plantings. In most cases, however, the tracks are used linearly. A minimum distance of about 2 m from the trunk should be maintained. This distance is necessary because the protective walls only hold back the roots and do not guide them. If the environment does not allow such installation, you should use the GEFAguard® TRG root guide panels.

It's all about the connection

To ensure permanent root protection, a tight connection should be made using splints. Cut the required number of meters (plus 10 cm overlap on each side) to length, score with a sharp knife and bend to the other side. Then overlap the ends of the root protection membrane, put on the rails and use the mandrel and cordless screwdriver to make holes for the screws in the appropriate places. Fasten the rails with the screws provided.

GEFAguard® HDPE meets the requirements of DVGW GW125.

We recommend GEFAguard® to protect:

Cables, pipes, sewers, foundations, road structures, gardens, sports fields, parks and playgrounds and the trees themselves.


GEFAguard® HDPE product selection

GEFAguard® HDPE 50 = (12.5 m²)
Root protection sheet, 2 mm, 50 cm high

GEFAguard® HDPE 75 = (18.75 m²)
Root protection sheet, 2 mm, 75 cm high

GEFAguard® HDPE 100 = (25 m²)
Root protection sheet, 2 mm, 100 cm high

GEFAguard® HDPE 150 = (37.5 m²)
Root protection sheet, 2 mm, 150 cm high

GEFAguard® PP

GEFAguard® PP

Flexibility and strong protection are particularly important when planting near cables or wires.

PP for more flexibility

With 360 g/m² and a double-sided coating, the root barrier GEFAguard® PP offers the very highest quality in the fleece sector. Due to the flexibility, the installation options for the protective fleece are even more varied and easier to implement.

GEFAguard® PP is suitable for every tree species. (For bamboo, however, we recommend the HDPE variant.) The minimum distance to the trunk should also be around 2 m here. Linear built-in membranes are the norm, similar to the stronger HDPE counterparts.

GEFAguard® PP impresses with:

- easy and quick processing
- Tree root strength / GRK 4
- Waterproof
- Flexibility and strength
- 100% recyclability
- good chemical resistance
- Protection of cables, lines, foundations

Prevention helps

The effect of GEFAguard® PP can also be optimized by selecting tree species that are not so prone to root pressure. The choice of an appropriate substrate and location contributes to the positive development of root growth. The use of pearl humus as a steering aid to the deeper layers of soil also prevents undesirable growth directions. Finally, the tree itself benefits from the prophylactic use of the root protection membranes. Without the use of such a protection system, roots may eventually need to be topped.

The installation

Installing GEFAguard® PP is quick and easy. Cut off the required length (plus the necessary overlap, at least 30 cm). Closed systems or extensions can be made using buckling and gluing. To do this, bend one end inwards and the other end outwards. Push the two bent ends into each other and the Fix-adhesive tape in three places stick together (make sure that the locations are as dry and clean as possible). Finished!

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GEFAguard® PP (GRK 4)

GEFAguard® PP (GRK 4)

360g / m² mm heavy, double-sided coated fleece, available on a 50 m roll.

- GEFAguard® PP 50 = (25 m²), root protection cloth, 360 g / m², 50 cm high

- GEFAguard® PP 75 = (37.5 m²), root protection cloth, 360 g / m², 75 cm high

- GEFAguard® PP 100 = (50 m²), root protection membrane, 360 g / m², 100 cm high

- GEFAguard® PP 130 = (65 m²), root protection cloth, 360 g / m², 130 cm high

- GEFAguard® PP 150 = (75 m²), root protection cloth, 360 g / m², 150 cm high

GEFAguard® TRG

GEFAguard® TRG

Root guidance systems were developed to prevent road surfaces from breaking up and being damaged by tree roots.

GEFAguard® TRG is made from the copolymer polypropylene. The guide ribs help guide tree roots deeper into the ground.

Protect infrastructure

GEFAguard® TRG can be used wherever a conventional root protection system reaches its limits (e.g. when the distance to the base of the trunk is less than 2 m). The double upper edge protects against overgrown roots and rizomes, is permanently resilient and enables smooth and clean processing.

The principle

Young tree roots grow and hit the profiled partition. The guide ribs direct the roots vertically downwards (without a guide the roots would continue to circle along the wall). Once you get to the bottom of the wall, you can grow freely again and form a stable anchorage in the ground.

GEFAguard® TRG impresses with:

- easy and quick processing
- Tree root strength
- Waterproofness
- Flexibility and strength
- 100% recyclability
- good chemical resistance

GEFAguard® TRG can be installed flexibly in many situations. The types 90, 105 and 120 also offer protection for supply and disposal lines and cables thanks to their greater installation depth.

GEFAguard® TRG, 60 cm wide, approx. 2 mm thick panels with a flexural strength of 155,000 PSI, only available in complete boxes.

TRG corner elements

With the new GEFAguard® TRG corner elements, the mostly angular plant pits can be fully utilized. The 90 ° TRG corner elements are available to match the TRG 45 and TRG 60 systems. The angles are extendable on both sides with TRG panels connected and therefore adjustable in length from 48 cm to 85 cm.

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GEFAguard® TRG Product selection

GEFAguard® TRG product selection

- GEFAguard® TRG 30, root guide 30 cm high, 60 cm wide.

- GEFAguard® TRG 45, root guide, 45 cm high, 60 cm wide.

- GEFAguard® TRG 60, root guide, 60 cm high, 60 cm wide.

- GEFAguard® TRG 90, root guide, 90 cm high, 75 cm wide.

- GEFAguard® TRG 105, root guide, 105 cm high, 75 cm wide.

- GEFAguard® TRG 120, root guide, 120 cm high, 75 cm wide.

- GEFAguard® TRG 45 corner element, TRG 90 ° corner element for 45 mm TRG panels

- GEFAguard® TRG 60 corner element, TRG 90 ° corner element for 60 mm TRG panels

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