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Beautiful and richly flowering planting in inner-city areas is not always easy. A high level of maintenance, such as watering especially in the summer, adds up to many hours of work.

The GEFA Flower Design range offers a rich selection of plant elements with long-term water storage function. Thanks to high-quality and technically sophisticated planters, beautifying the city centre is no longer a problem. With the possibilities of light mast greening and through plant towers, a suitable solution is available for almost every location.

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Flower Basket

GEFA Flower Basket

Professional planters for the town centre.

Half Shells Royal

Equipped with the largest water reservoir in its class and the ingenious fastening system, the Royal half shells stand out from their siblings. Planter and mast form a seemingly inseparable unit. When there are no plants, the traverse cleverly disappears on the back of the double-walled half-shells, but it can also be attached using an elegant bracket. Since the fastening clamps have to be matched to the mast thickness, they are not included in the price.

The processing is of high quality: the bowls are double-walled, the plastic is UV-stable and frost-proof. 9 liters of water are available for 8 plants on a diameter of 650 mm. The water reservoir is separated under the substrate. The water is directed to the plants via a capillary mat and thus supplies them over a long period of time. The capillary mats are included in all our Flower Design products for mast greening and save you a lot of time and money for maintenance in the dry and hot summer months.

Half shells Brighton

With high-quality, technically sophisticated plant elements, colourful, full flower balls for your city center are no problem

The mast greening consists of double-walled plastic half-shells. The containers are weather-resistant and have special water tanks to keep maintenance costs as low as possible. You have two different sizes to choose from. And so that you have blooming inner cities almost all year round, we supply you with special inserts that also allow alternating planting.

When hanging up the Brighton half-shells, you can basically fall back on shapely brackets on which the half-shells rest. The black-coated metal consoles are attached to the mast with stainless steel straps and screwed to the shells so that they are secured against falling.

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GEFA Flower Design

Capillary plant towers

Capillary plant towers

Symmetrical designs as a visual eye-catcher for every purpose. The lush flowers hide the water deposits, which reduce the maintenance work enormously and can be used almost anywhere. The hot-dip galvanized and, if desired, powder-coated steel frames with ground ring ensure that the towers are very stable. The vessels are stacked on top of each other and thus form a unit. With a small turn, the upper vessel is placed on the lower one by means of support points, which with a volume of 60 l serves as a water reservoir and supplies the plants with water through capillary rods. This allows the flowers to be watered for up to 14 days. To save space are the towers easy to dismantle and the vessels can be placed inside each other.

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The BIO Garden Tower is ideal for balconies, terraces and small gardens.

The further development now enables "utility cultivation". Two to three harvests are possible due to the optimal air and water flow at the bottom of the container. Zucchinis, potatoes, cucumbers and also flowering things are possible with this variant without any problems.

The BIO Garden Tower has a height of approx. 90 cm and is therefore at the optimum height for a kitchen garden. Planted with e.g. B. red flowering hanging geraniums, it offers a bright eye-catcher in front of every house entrance.

Product features

• Height: 90cm
• 65 l water tank and 65 l planter
• Optimum air and water flow at the bottom of the tank
• "Cultivation" with up to 3 crops possible
• Mobile
• For courgettes, potatoes, cucumbers, etc. and blooming.

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Tree protection grid

GEFA Tree protection grid

Tree protection grids make an important contribution to the protection of newly planted and existing trees in our cities and communities. They surround a large part of the trunk area and thus reliably protect it against damage without taking up much space itself. In addition to their functionality, the new GEFA tree protection grids impress with their innovative design and workmanship of the highest quality.

The GEFA tree protection grids can be installed with or without GEFA tree protection grating. The material for secure attachment is included. All tree protection grids consist of multi-part, welded steel elements and are hot-dip galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461. You can choose between two different designs with different diameters.

Tree protection grid PATERNA

Design: Round, 2 pcs. screwed, to be fastened with brackets or with pegs
Material: 16 x 8 mm flat steel S235JR (EN 10 027-1), welded and hot-dip galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461
Surface: Hot-dip galvanized or hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated, (color: iron mica black)

Tree protection grid LUGO

Design: Square, 4 pcs. screwed, to be fastened with brackets or with pegs
Material: Round tube 26.9 mm and flat steel 60 x 5 mm S235JR (EN 10 027-1), welded and hot-dip galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461
Surface: Hot-dip galvanized or hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated, (colour: iron mica black)

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Tree protection grid

GEFA Tree protection grid

In the city, the basic prerequisite for healthy tree growth - in addition to an adequate supply of water and oxygen - is the avoidance of soil compaction and the dissipation of pressure from the root area.

Tree protection grates protect the sensitive area of ​​the root ball around the trunk from soil compaction and injuries.

GEFA complete tree protection grating systems are cut from hot-dip galvanized steel using laser technology. The complete systems are multi-part and each contain a lasered disc made of sheet steel with a welded-on supporting structure made of steel, fastening material and substructure.

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Models  and Dimensions

Models and Dimensions

1.5 t wheel load (light version: for pedestrians and cars)
5.0 t wheel load(heavy version: suitable for trucks driving over it)
Sizes tree discs 150 x 150 cm, 200 x 200 cm or 300 x 300 cm.
Tree opening sizes Round: Ø 30 - 100 mm, Square: Ø 30 x 30 mm - 100 x 100 mm

Materials & Facts

Steel:S235JR (EN DIN 10 027-1) hot-dip galvanized (DIN EN ISO 1461)
Surface: powder-coated (DB 703) mica fine structure
According to the guidelines of DIN 51130 in the anti-slip class.
Concrete foundation: 4 parts, x cm, 25 cm high

*All GEFA tree protection gratings are of course compatible with the tree protection grids and can be combined with the TreeParker® root management system!