LUWA® Irrigation and aeration

The GEFA LUWA system serves to simultaneously water and aerate the tree from just one opening. Thanks to the innovative technology of the filler neck, no water can get into the aeration line and is guided purposefully into the root areas.

Efficient aeration and irrigation is particularly vital for trees in urban areas, especially in the case of tree pit construction

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LUWAIrrigation and aeration

Revolution in the irrigation and ventilation of newly planted trees in urban areas

Efficient ventilation and irrigation is there Particularly vital for trees in urban areas, especially with planting pit construction 2. The problems in urban areas are known: Cramped site conditions, overbuilt root space, disturbed soil conditions, massive compression and a lack of gas exchange.

After planting, watering should first be carried out using a watering trough or a watering edge on the bale. Later, however, watering from above would encourage the roots to grow close to the surface.

The following points must be observed when irrigation of the plant pit is deeper using drainage pipes:

• The chimney effect of these pipes must be largely prevented.

• The filler neck must not be too large, as large amounts of water quickly increase the risk of clogging.

Under paved areas, the rootable space cannot be watered and ventilated from above without special devices. In known systems, there is a risk that irrigation will take place via the ventilation devices. This was the starting point for the development of the GEFA LUWA® system.

With the LUWA® system, GEFA is making its contribution to the optimal care of our trees. Developed with leading tree experts, the system ensures perfect growing conditions.

The innovative, consistently well thought-out technology can be used at various locations without any problems. Achieve the greatest possible ecological and economic benefit with your next tree planting.

The LUWA® system allows ventilation and irrigation to be carried out through just one filler neck without water being able to get into the ventilation pipes. In the ground, water and air are individually directed into the desired areas. The chimney effect and possible silting up are largely avoided.

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One filler neck - two completely separate lines:

One filler neck - two completely separate lines:

By using the LUWA® system under paved surfaces, the number of filler necks is minimized. Accidental watering into the ventilation line is therefore impossible. The irrigation and ventilation lines can be laid horizontally as well as vertically, depending on the local conditions. A chimney effect is largely avoided, and even completely prevented when a LUWA® system including siphon is installed. A throttled water flow prevents silting up or fine grain displacements.

• The installation of separate systems is no longer necessary.
• This results in greatly reduced installation and material costs.

Adapter for automatic irrigation

Adapter for automatic irrigation

In order to water plant pits that are equipped with the LUWA® system, it was previously necessary to fill in the water using a hose through the GEFA LUWA® cap. If there are several locations, this is not only very complex but also time-consuming.

The new adapter for the GEFA LUWA® system enables connection to an automatic irrigation system. A nozzle specially matched to the system with an integrated flow rate regulator (12 l / min) prevents water splashing outwards and ensures an even filling with water.

The adapter is available in two different lengths; the short version measures 118 mm in height and the long version 500 mm. The long version can be shortened if necessary

An automatic irrigation system can be connected to a PE line using an SBE and a flexible hose.

Advantages of the LUWA® adapter

• Connection for autom. Irrigation
• Two variants for different installation depths
• Interchangeable flow regulator
• GEFA LUWA® cap fits the system
• The long version can be shortened
• Great time savings

Adapter types

• LUWA® adapter short (118 mm) DN 100 for the GEFA LUWA® system with connection for an automatic irrigation system.
• LUWA® adapter long (500 mm) DN 100 for the GEFA LUWA® system with connection for an automatic irrigation system.

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AirMax tree aeration

AirMax tree aeration

Many (young) trees, bushes and hedges in urban areas suffer from a lack of oxygen. The AirMax ventilation system has been developed to efficiently improve these shortcomings and is also very easy to install.

Oxygen to the roots

All AirMax tubes have been specially perforated for better diffusion. To prevent silting up, the ventilation pipes are covered with a sock.

AirMax properties

• Filter sock against clogging
• Extra slits for better ventilation
• Polyethylene (PE) connectors & caps
• Polypropylene (PP) ventilation tubes
• 100% recyclable

AirMax Set Standard (up to 25 cm

• 6.3 m¹ ventilation pipe PE 80 mm with hose
• 2 x T-piece PE 80 mm
• 4 x sheets PE 80 mm
• 2 x click end cap PE 80mm

AirMax Set Standard + (above <25 cm

• 10.5 m¹ ventilation pipe PE 80 mm with hose
• 2 x T-piece PE 80 mm
• 4 x sheets PE 80 mm
• 2 x PE click end caps 80 mm
• 2 x PE connecting sleeves 80 mm

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