GEFAguard® TRG 90 Root guidance


Root guidance with fixed coupling elements and vertical guide ribs.
Dimension 90 x 75 cm (bxb).
Consisting of 10 pieces.

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GEFAguard® TRG 90 Root guidance

Root guidence with fixed coupling elements and vertical guide ribs. Dimension 90 x 75 cm (bxb).Consisting of 10 pieces.

Uncontrolled rooting causes enormous damage to roadbeds, cable trays and sewer systems , resulting in high costs.

Root guiding and root protection systems guide root growth and divert it from the areas to be protected. The root is guided and steered by GEFA systems in the desired direction. This protects the root itself and prevents consequential damage, for example:

road bodies
Gardens, sports fields, parks, playgrounds
Ponds, swimming pools

GEFAguard® TRG is a root canal system with guide ribs that guide the roots of the tree deeper into the ground. The 90 ° arrangement of the ribs prevents the roots from circling along the wall and smothering the tree. So the tree finds its direction, gets enough oxygen and stability. Once the roots have reached the bottom of the wall, they can grow horizontally again so that the tree is securely anchored in the ground.


50% recycled plastic, 100% recyclable
Simple closure system
90 ° ribs lead the tree roots downwards
Insensitive to root growth and microorganisms
Patented ground anchor prevents pushing up by tree roots
Installation: easy and fast

Use: in new plantations and also after capping roots to preserve already developed trees (at a short distance to the tree)


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