WATERCOAT® with III Mulch mat


Mobile WATERCOAT® III irrigation bag for trees, with a 80cm Mulch Disk.

The Mulch disk prevents weeds and released the water more evenly.

Volume 50 - 75 liters, Reinforced PE, color: green.



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Tree Watering Bag with Mulch Mat

Volume 50 - 75 liters, Reinforced PE, color: green.

Mobile irrigation for new plantings or maintenance in dry conditions, the robust Watercoat III watering bag is ideal. The Watercoat watering bag is placed around the trunk, fixed with a zipper and then filled with water. The filling quantity varies depending on the trunk diameter.

The capacity is about 50 - 75 liters of water.

If it is an existing tree, which has to survive a dry period with the help of the Watercoat, two sacks can be connected due to the larger diameter of the trunk. So the capacity increases to  100 - 150 liters of water.

The water is passed through the irrigation bag directly to the root area of ​​the tree.The dripping time is about 5 - 6 hours per filling. So the water is slowly released into the soil and moisturizes this continuously. If the tree has established or the dry period is over, the Watercoat II can be removed withing a minute.


The increased amount of water in dry months naturally also stimulates weeds to grow. A mulch disc under the irrigation bag prevents unwanted sprouting and ensures a tidier appearance in urban areas.


• Installation without tools
• Reusable
• Dripping time approx. 5 - 6 hours per fillin
• Suitable for new planting as well as existing trees
• Expandable for larger trunk sizes
• Made of sturdy polyethylene and tear-resistant loops
• Irrigates the root area in a targeted manner

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