Rootball Anchor 25 - TREELOCK®


Force per anchor 277 kg (driving depth 40 cm)
Up to 25 cm trunk circumference
Mulch mat Ø 60 cm
lashing straps 2,50 m
3 closed anchor loops 0.70 m

ATTENTION - ratchet lever is not included!

But relevant for the installation of TREELOCK® ball anchors!

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TREELOCK® Rootball Anchoring 25 - GEFA

Force per anchor 277 kg (light, grown soil, driving depth 40 cm), in set with mulch mat Ø 60 cm, strap 2.50 m, 3 closed anchor loops 0.70 m


Low construction height for more flexibility
Wide straps, which are fastened with flat steel anchors in the ground, secure the state of the tree
Innovative system and ground anchor fixes the bale on the ground
The ratchet lever for lashing can be removed 
An additional coconut disk provides the bale protection
As tools are sufficient a sledgehammer and a felling rod

TIPP: Use a GEFA RAMLOCK® for easy instalation

Outstanding test results in field trial

The Center for Horticulture and Technology in Quedlinburg, under the leadership of Dr. Ing. Schneidewind conducted a five-year trial of the most popular underfloor anchoring systems the market offers. In addition to the GEFA TREELOCK® system, five other systems were tested for suitability, tree preservation and functional performance. The permanently changing wind conditions in Quedlinburg were a real endurance test for all anchoring systems. TREELOCK® quality was convincing at all levels.



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Circumference ≤ 25 cm
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