Tree Trunk Protector plus 20cm


Pre-formed mower guard for trees plus 20 cm trunk circumference.

21 x 36 cm.
50th pack.

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PLANTASAFE® Tree Trunk Protector 20cm 

Pre-formed mower guard for trees up to 20 cm trunk circumference (measured at 1 m height), 21 x 36 cm.

50th pack.

Trees are often damaged in the trunk when mowing, for example by brushcutters.

PLANTASAFE® offers effective protection against mowing damage. The cuffs are supplied as plates and closed by connectors. A single plate already protects small trees with a circumference of 35 cm. For larger trees, 2 or more plates are connected.


Effective protection
Does not disturb the tree in its growth
Easy to install
UV resistant
XL variants can be expanded as required
Also available as a biodegradable variant

Product features

Inconspicuous coloring
Preformed for use on the trunk
Round vents in the upper 2/3
Polyethylene (PE), 100% recyclable
High quality FDA certified plastic
Biodegradable (Bio Version)


The cuffs are supplied as plates. Even a single plate protects trees with a circumference of about 35 cm. For larger trees, two or more plates are simply joined together. For lasting protection, PLANTASAFE® can be adapted to the growing circumference of the trunk.


PLANTASAFE® Standard (for circumference up to 20 cm)
PLANTASAFE® XL Bio - the biodegradable variant (based on potato starch, base material certified according to DIN EN 13432), delivert in 50-plus-advantage pack.

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