Arbotape Tree wound sealer


Biodegradable wound protection film for trees.

- 50 meter roll
- Width 50 cm
- Black
- Opaque

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Arbotape Tree wound sealer
Biodegradable wound protection film for damaged trees.
50 m roll, width 50 cm, black, opaque.

Alleys and single trees on the roads characterize the modern landscape and at the same time bear witness to the sustainable coexistence of nature and infrastructure. Starting damage in the event of traffic accidents can cause lasting damage to tree health.

Close the still fresh wound area (up to 7 days after accident damage) on the tree with the light- and water-impermeable GEFA Arbotape. Divisible cells are protected and cell division (callus formation) is still possible.


New tissue (surface callus) can develop on the entire wound surface
GEFA Arbotape is biodegradable and begins to decompose after about 1 year. It does not have to be removed (like classic wound protection foils.) 


Light and waterproof bio-film


Carefully remove any visible debris from the wound surface and reattach loose bark pieces.
Moisten the wound slightly with water from a spray bottle or similar device.
Wrap the GEFA Arbotape wound protection film twice around the tree and close the wound so that it does not dry out.

Fix the wound protection foil with the help of the Bio-Tape adhesive tape.


The Institute for Tree Care in Hamburg has tested GEFA Arbotape.

Trial start: A variety of maple trees and alders were given a fresh wound and then wrapped with GEFA Arbotape.

After 16 weeks: First clear surface callus formation can be seen under the GEFA wound protection film.

After 10 months: Under the GEFA Arbotape film, a completely pronounced surface callus has been created.

Test result: The GEFA Arbotape wound protection film performs better than conventional, non-degradable plastic film.

"From a tree biological point of view, the tested wrapping foils can therefore be recommended for the treatment of fresh start-up damage to avenue trees or generally flat bark stripping to promote surface callus formation and thus optimal wound healing."

Diplom-Holzwirt Horst Stobbe, Institute for Tree Care in Hamburg


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