LITE-NET growth netting


LITE-NET growth netting Textile water storage made of fleece for root balls up to 60 cm in diameter, providing nourishment to the roots.

100% biodegradable (70% PLA / 30% cellulose fibers)

Width: 80 cm Length: 150 cm

Package includes 5 nets.

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Lite-Net growth net for root nourishment

Providing water and air to trees in urban environments, during the establishment phase and beyond, is one of the main tasks for planners and professionals in the green industry.

The textile water storage made of special fleece/felt contains only about 10% material.
In the remaining 90% pores, a significant amount of air and water can be internally stored and capillary transmitted.

As a result, 1 kg of fleece/felt can store up to 10 liters of water. 100% biodegradable, made of 70% PLA (polylactic acids) and 30% cellulose fibers.

As a starter support for tree establishment, the Lite-Net growth net is directly used around the root ball.

It is also ideal to combine it with watering rings or irrigation bags, where water is quickly, efficiently, and evenly absorbed around the tree roots through the Lite-Net growth net, minimizing evaporation.


• Stores and distributes water = less watering
• Allows roots to grow through the net • Easy installation

Installation: Spread the approximately 6 mm thick net to 4-5 times its width. Place the root ball on the net and wrap it around. Plant the tree in the hole, backfill the hole, open and cover the net at the top - done!

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