HDPE Pouring edge coupling


For an easy connection of the ends of a Pouring edge.

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HDPE Pouring edge coupling

For an easy connection of the ends of a Pouring edge.

The pouring edge is one of the absolute basics in gardening and landscaping. It is essential for sensible irrigation of the freshly planted tree. This method is now optimized with the HDPE Pouring edge water reservoir. A 30 cm high sheet - made of 1.5 mm thick special plastic (HDPE) - ensures the great filling capacity and at the same time protects in the winter months from undesirable influences of road salt.

The pouring rim is inserted 10 cm into the ground and 20 cm remain above ground, the GEFA connection clip is used for easy connection of the ends. The ring remains stable and optimally supplies the root ball with water. We recommend providing the overlap with a growth allowance. In this way, the pouring rim can be adapted to further root growth in the future.

The new "clip" is a real relief to expand the pouring edge, when the bale of the tree grows, the pouring edge can be easily adapted to the bale size.

The GEFA pouring rim is UV-resistant, 100% recyclable and can be reused.


• high filling capacity (Ø 95 cm = 140 liters)
• Adaptation to root growth possible
• easy to fill and therefore cost effective
• protects against the direct influence of road salt
• reusable

Product characteristics

• HDPE, 100% recyclable
• UV-resistant
• Reusable


1) Dig in the pouring rim 10 cm deep
2) Fix 20 cm above ground as a round tub
(e.g. with Fix special adhesive tape - easier fixation with the GEFA clip)
3) Equip overlap with adjustment allowance


80 cm

95 cm

111 cm


2,5 m

3,0 m

3,5 m

Filling quantity

100 l

140 l

195 l

1 roll of pouring edge corresponds to 20 m. Depending on the diameter of the pouring rim, 1 roll can be used the following:

ø Root ball

1 Role sufficient for

Required amount of pouring edge a tree

Required number of couplings

57 cm

11 trees

1,78 m


73 cm

8 trees

2,27 m


100 cm

6 trees

3,12 m


133 cm

4 trees

4,16 m


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