Deep aeration system


Set consisting of a water-air cap, short, made of cast aluminum with a pivoting stainless steel lid, 1.5 m ventilation pipe, DN 100 slotted, filter sock, adapter for accommodating the HUNO cap.

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Deep Aeration

Soil aeration in urban areas is crucial due to the increasing surface sealing, such as pavement, reaching up to the tree trunk.
When the exchange of soil gases and oxygen is disrupted, it can lead to reduced growth in the medium term and eventual tree death.

Adequately supplied roots also cause fewer damages to the surrounding infrastructure, such as root intrusion into utility lines or uplifting of surface materials.
Aeration is achieved through a ventilation pipe anchored in the surface material by a water-air cap. The square design of the cap simplifies flush installation.

The deep aeration system is manufactured according to DIN EN 1433 and complies with load classes A and B according to FLL standards.

The ventilation pipes can be combined with corresponding adapters or caps from our LUWA range.


• Suitable for all types of tree pit construction
• Targeted guidance of roots into deeper soil layers
• Made of aluminum casting - 99% recyclable
• Customized production according to project requirements
• Compatible with LUWA components

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