GROWtect Hydrop 100


GROWtect Hydrop 100 Irrigation Bag

for easy tree watering.
Made of PVC, maximum capacity 100 liters.

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GROWtect Hydrop 100 Water Bag

Robust irrigation bags are suitable for mobile irrigation of newly planted trees or for maintaining established trees during dry periods.
Water is released directly to the root area through a small opening at the bottom. The dripping time per fill is approximately 5-10 hours.

The capacity of the bag is about 75-100 liters of water.

If it is an established tree that needs to withstand a dry period with the help of the Watercoat, two bags can be connected together due to the larger trunk diameter.
This increases the capacity to a generous 150-200 liters of water.


• Tool-free installation

• Reusable

• Dripping time of approximately 5-10 hours per fill

• Suitable for both newly planted and established trees

• Expandable for larger trunk circumferences

• Targets watering specifically to the root area

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