STOCKOSORB® 660 25 kg


With hydrogels, which is used in most horticultural situations.

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Water storage granules in a 25 kg bag
Grain size: 1-2.5 mm

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STOCKOSORB® 660 25 kg

Dryness and adverse soil conditions make life difficult for trees, shrubs, grasses and ornamental plants. If irrigation can not be installed in the green, the soil should be able to store the last precipitation for as long as possible.

STOCKOSORB® is a water storage granulate with hydrogels, which is used in most horticultural situations. It stores significantly more vital water, minimizing the water and nutrient losses associated with infiltration, evaporation and run-off and ensuring the yield potential of soils and substrates. STOCKOSORB® has a high cycle stability and therefore a long service life.

Water can be saved even more effectively, dry periods can be bridged and ultimately costs can be reduced.


Benefits scientifically confirmed

Studies by the University of Göttingen, Institute of Forest Botany, confirm the many advantages of STOCKOSORB®.

The research structure:

Soil: sandy soil in 30 l container
Plants: Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis)
Variants: sandy soil without STOCKOSORB® 3g / l - sandy soil with STOCKOSORB® 4g / l
4 and 8 weeks even irrigation, then no further irrigation
Climate: Greenhouse 30 - 40% humidity / 30 ° C - Climate chamber 30% humidity / 27 ° C

1. Evaporation is reduced

The sandy soil is similar to a clay soil after treatment with STOCKOSORB® in terms of water capacity and water availability. The evaporation of the soil is reduced by about 20% and the plant has effectively more water available and suffers less from drought stress. The water stored in the soil can be used maximally.

40 days after the last irrigation, the untreated soil has less than 1 liter of water and the soil treated with STOCKOSORB® still 3 liters.

After 80 days the permanent wilt point at the control soil is reached (pF 4.2). The floor with STOCKOSORB® has a water tension of pF 2.1.

2. Plant biomass increases

With STOCKOSORB®, the soil stays moisted and the plant biomass increases. The admixture of STOCKOSORB® (4g / l sandy soil) leads to a three times higher growth in the shoot and a tripling of the root mass. (Shoot growth in cm, root mass g / TM.)

3. Soil compaction is sustainably reduced

STOCKOSORB® acts like a floor colloid. Upon absorption of water, the hydrogels swell and increase their volume. This reduces the storage density of the soil by 23.4%. When soil drying begins, the hydrogels shrink again, forming stable cavities. This loosening structure of the soil created by swelling and shrinkage is permanently preserved. Due to the decreasing storage density, the soil treated with STOCKOSORB® is loosened up, facilitating root penetration.

4. Waterlogging is avoided

The volume of STOCKOSORB® treated soil (3 g / l soil) increases by 40.5% compared to untreated soil. The soil loosens up and lets water through. Once STOCKOSORB® has reached its maximum absorption capacity, no more water will be stored and the surplus water will drain off. Waterlogging in the root area is successfully avoided by combining all these properties. Even when mixed into substrates, this low sensitivity to moisture is advantageous, because the risk of lumping is greatly reduced.

5. Germination is improved

The University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart,  examined the survival rate of turf plants when used with and without STOCKOSORB® in 2010. The water storage granules are spread before sowing and then incorporated into the vegetation layer, about 15 cm depth. This significantly increases the water storage capacity of the substrate. In the germination phase, a greater safety buffer for germination exists and the survival rate of the turf plants increases significantly.

STOCKOSORB® is cheaper than alternatives

Often bentonites and minerals are recommended in practice as alternatives to hydrogels. Although these alternatives store the water, the amount is only a fraction of the water storage capacity of STOCKOSORB®. For example, the water loss of bentonite is 40 times that of STOCKOSORB®.



In order to meet the increased expectations for quality in public and private areas and to minimize the risk of drought damage, more and more green experts are counting on STOCKOSORB®. This means more safety, especially in woody plantings, sowing on light soils and dry locations.

Extreme locations

Extreme climatic conditions and an unnatural situation can quickly lead to damage in urban and street plantations. STOCKOSORB® is a tried-and-tested product, especially in roadside green, which is appreciated by clients, architects and contractors alike due to its effectiveness.

Nachträgliche Rasen-, Boden- und Baumsanierung

Bei nachträglicher Bodensanierung kann STOCKOSORB® in geliertem Zustand einfach mithilfe von Bodensanierungsmaschinen auch in größere Tiefen oder den Feinwurzelbereich von Bäumen eingebracht werden. Vor allem Produktkombinationen mit PERLHUMUS® sowie das anschließende Einbringen von Mykorrhiza sind hier äußerst effektiv.

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