Sport Reseeding Grass Seed


10 kg SEED & SORB® Sport Reseeding Grass Seed

- 40% Lolium perenne, Sorte Elegana 
- 40% Lolium perenne, Sorte Kelvin 
- 10% Lolium perenne, Sorte Gator 
- 10% Poa pratensis, Sorte Miracle

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Sport Reseeding Grass Seed 10 kg  SEED & SORB® 

Lawns are very demanding in terms of load, care needs and appearance. In addition, there are sometimes difficult climatic and local conditions: Wind swirls the seeds, insufficient water supply and slightly permeable soils cause germinated seeds to dry out. Conventional bare seed requires investment in grooming, watering and fertilizer to provide a satisfying result.

With seed coat SEED & SORB®, young seedlings have the best starting conditions, even in difficult locations. The lawn area grows thanks to optimal preparation, even without further fertilizer inputs to a robust and durable carpet that meets functional and visually highest standards.


Each SEED & SORB® seed is wrapped in a coat of nutrients and STOCKOSORB®. The nutrient shell is maintained until the lawn has established and formed a dense scar.

Each seed with XXL water reservoir and nutrient reservoir
Higher weight of the individual seeds for better bottom closure and a uniform seed pattern
Color deters predators
For medium to high load of the lawn area


GSS Universal RSM 2.3

Universal turf for all locations with fast initial development and acceptance. The lawn provides average care requirements at medium to high load.

Seeding rate

25 g/m²


25 % Festuca rubra commutata, Sorte Casanova



15 % Festuca rubra rubra, Sorte Maxima1



5 % Festuca rubra trichophylla, Sorte Rosita



25 % Lolium perenne, Sorte Henrietta



15 % Lolium perenne, Sorte Gator



10 % Poa pratensis, Sorte Miracle

5 % Poa pratensis, Sorte Panduro




















GSS New Sport Fields RSM 3.1

For stressed sports lawns on all locations. The lawn is characterized by very high resilience, a dense and firm scar with good cut tolerance, very high regenerative ability.

Seeding rate

25 g/m²


30 % Lolium perenne, Sorte Gator



20 % Lolium perenne, Sorte Elegana



15 % Poa pratensis, Sorte Julia



20 % Poa pratensis, Sorte Nuglade



15 % Poa pratensis, Sorte Miracle


GSS Sport Reseeding RSM 3.2

With this mixture, sowing into an existing area is possible without prior editing. The SEED & SORB® seeds fall through the existing grass to the soil and germinate there.

Seeding rate

25 g/m²



40 % Lolium perenne, Sorte Elegana



40 % Lolium perenne, Sorte Kelvin



10 % Lolium perenne, Sorte Gator



10 % Poa pratensis, Sorte Miracle Mix


As part of a greenhouse experiment, both SEED & SORB® and conventional seeds were germinated in quartz sand. In this experiments, the seed was exposed to extreme climatic conditions such as water stress, high temperatures and strong sunlight, in particular to observe the growth behavior after germination. From the ninth day, the length was determined. The conventional, untreated seed could not withstand the extreme climatic conditions, withered and died. SEED & SORB® was able to store the low amount of moisture better, and withstand the extreme conditions.


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