Root protection gel 10 kg


GEFA root protection gel against dehydration of exposed fine roots.
In resealable 10 kg bucket.
1 kg gives 100 l immersion broth.

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Root protection gel 10 kg - GEFA

Exposed roots are highly sensitive - within a few minutes sun and wind dry them out. Wood damage, poor growth results and high plant losses are the result.

The GEFA Root Protection Gel is a pure, effective water reservoir that protects exposed woody roots from dehydration during storage and transport. In addition, it optimizes the water supply during planting and intensifies the root regeneration, so that the growth rates of woody plantings are improved.


Allows better water supply during planting
Better growth results through rapid regeneration of fine fiber roots
Protects exposed woody roots from dehydration
Promotes regeneration of fine fiber roots
Improves growth rates in woody plantations
Perfect for combining with MYKORRHIZA or other products
Cost-effective (1 kg root protection gel gives at least 100 l immersion broth)


Fine-grained source powder
Water-storing gel particles surround entire root system
High yield of 1 kg swelling powder:
  2,000 forest plants, 1 x transplanted
  800 ornamental shrubs, Heister, twice trained


New plantings of woody plants
Storage and transport of plants

Dipping method for small trees:

Stir 50 - 100 g of GEFA root protection gel into 10 l of water (soft water = higher swelling)
30 min. Allow to swell until immersion broth is similar to a paste
Dip woody roots into the solution

Dusting for large trees:

1. Moisten the exposed roots thoroughly

2. Anchor roots with GEFA root protection gel

3. Let the powder swell for a few minutes

4. Water again with a fine nozzle

GEFA root protection gel is also suitable for direct use on the construction site.


These GEFA products also prevent drought-induced wood damage:

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