Electric cable IRRICABLE 7/75


Rain Bird® Electric cable IRRICABLE 7/75

Multi-core cable to connect to the controller.
Price per meter.

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Electric cable IRRICABLE 7/75 - Rain Bird®

Multi-stranded irrigation cable for the connection to the control unit. 
Price per meter.

Multi-core cable

For very low voltage (<30 volts). Ideal for connecting the solenoid valves to the terminal blocks of the control units.

• Available with 3, 5, 7, 9 and 13 cores
• Outer shell made of black polyethylene, 0.64 mm. Excellent protection against mechanical influences, chemicals and moisture
• Integrated PE strand for easy stripping
• Cross section of a wire 0.8 mm2, suitable for all types of installation of garden irrigation
• Max. Distance between control unit and valve: 350 m

Single-core cable

For very low voltage (<30 V), ideal for connection of controllers with decoders or sprinklers with built-in solenoid valve.

• Rigid, bare copper wires
• Available with single PE insulation and with double PVC-PE insulation
• Cross section: 1.5 mm2
• Outer diameter: 3 mm for 1 x 1.5 mm2 with single insulation and 4 mm with double insulation
• Highly resistant to mechanical influences, chemicals and moisture
• Cable with "Rain Bird" mark
• 1 meter mark

Decoder Cable

This cable is ideal for installing the MdC-50-200 Decoder Control Systems and Site Control on sportfields and large public green areas.

• Rigid bare copper wires
• Core wrap: 0.7 mm polyethylene (blue and black)
• Blue outer sheath made of polyethylene
• For the Rain Bird control systems MDC-50-200 and Site Control

Number of cores: 2nd cross section: 2.5 mm2
Max. Voltage *: underground 46 A, above ground 33 A U = 14.8 V / A / km (cos j = 0.8)
Outer diameter: min. 9.5mm, max. 11.5mm
Weight: 162 kg / km

* Based on an ambient temperature of 20 ° C for buried cable or 30 ° C 

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