Ecto Mycorrhiza Pine Tree


Mycorrhiza vaccine to supports the tree 
in drought and lack of nutrients.

Especially for Pine Trees

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Ekto-Mykorrhiza Impfstoff  "Pine Tree" - GEFA

Urban and street trees are exposed to drought, nutrient deficiencies and pollution. In order to stay alive and survive in the long term, they must be able to withstand extreme conditions with high sulfur and heavy metal pollution, low pH values, heavy soil compaction and difficult water conditions.

For more than 120 years it has been known that trees that live in symbiosis with mycorrhizal fungi benefit greatly from this connection and can even colonize extreme locations with this partnership. With urban and street trees, the shortage of mycorrhizal fungi is great. With a targeted mycorrhiza application, you can support the healthy growth of the trees, especially in stress situations:

New plantings
High infection pressure
Renovation of old trees

GEFA's mycorrhiza vaccine is not grown on sterile substrates, but is always grown on native plants. The result is a tree-specific, highly infectious mycorrhiza.


GEFA's mycorrhiza vaccine is not grown on sterile substrates, but is always grown on native plants. The result is a tree-specific, highly infectious mycorrhiza, such as. Eg in the FLL Rules "Recommendations for Tree Planting, Part 2 / Part 1; 2015 edition / Annex 5 + 6 ".


Nature makes it happen: certain types of fungi occur only on certain tree species. So it only creates a fully functional symbiosis when the right mycorrhiza is vaccinated the appropriate tree.

The difference between ecto- and endo-mycorrhiza:
ektos = outside | Among the ecto-mycorrhizae are tasty (truffle), inedible (gall-täubling) and poisonous species (fly agaric). Almost all form fruiting bodies and can be seen with the naked eye on the fine roots.
Typical symbiotic partners: oaks, beeches, hornbeams, firs, spruces, pines and some other tree species. Linden, poplar and willow can form or possess both ecto and endo mycorrhizae. However, older trees and drier soils are more likely to have ecto-mycorrhizae.

endo = inside | With around 80% the most common mycorrhizal form of all terrestrial plants is endo-mycorrhiza, which is formed by yoke fungi (Glomales). The changes to the fine root are not externally visible. The mushrooms do not form fruiting bodies and their spores are so tiny that you have to search them with a magnifying glass.
Typical symbiotic partners: maple, plane tree, horse chestnut and fruit trees


The number of inoculation sites as well as the application rates of the required mycorrhiza vaccine are determined by trunk circumference or the trunk diameter of the Tree.

New planting: Spread 2/3 of the vaccine on the root ball sides and place 1/3 directly in the planting hole under the bales
Remediation: Use a spade to dig the roots several 15 to 20 cm deep holes and fill them with mycorrhiza


A combination of mycorrhiza and other microbiological excipients may be beneficial.  With Trichoderma (soil fungus used against harmful fungal diseases)
Bacillus cultures (have a protective functions and improve nutrient supply)
When one of these adjuvants is simply mixed with mycorrhiza, one organism often gains the upper hand and the other's effectiveness is suppressed.

For the various GEFA mycorrhizal vaccines, the appropriate Bacillus cultures were tested in extensive laboratory and greenhouse experiments. Thus, the capacity of the symbiotic partners is maintained, which is reflected in the growth of plants, the degree of mycorrhization and the fine root branching.


How long is the vaccine storable?

GEFA mycorrhizae are freshly harvested and can be stored for at least 120 days (ecto) or 365 days (endo).

What do I have to look out for when ordering mycorrhiza?

Look for mycorrhiza species and density in mycorrhiza selection. 

Can I use mycorrhiza everywhere?

Mycorrhiza is present in natural locations. In the city or in island locations it is usually missing. An application is generally recommended for every new planting or as a remedial measure. Be sure to always use tree speciesspecific mycorrhiza in the right amount!

Scientific study confirms effectiveness

In addition to many positive practical experiences, some examinations were carried out by well known scientific institutes. For example: Doctoral Thesis "Development of an Optimized Process for the Recultivation of former opencast mining operations" by Dr. Ing. Meike Kirscht, Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology of the University of Göttingen.

1000 Douglas firs, pointed maples and red oaks in the former uranium mining area Ronneburg were inoculated with specialized mycorrhiza.


Improvement of the vital condition
Higher growth
Increase the survival rate
New root exudation in many dead oak trees (poor plant material)

"The addition of mycorrhizal fungi during tree planting at such sites provides the trees with measurable benefits in the important establishment phase. ... Depending on the tree species, the presence of symbiotic partners in the form of mycorrhizal fungi is existential. "

Dr. Meike Cherry

650 years old bear oak revived

The thickest tree in the Siegerland, a 650-year-old bear oak, was inoculated in 1993 with GEFA mycorrhiza. As early as 1995 and 1997, the Research Center for Mushroom Cultivation noted significant improvements to the tree. The average mycorrhizal rate on the fine roots and also the number of fine root tips increased by 36%. That had already indicated a year after the inoculation in the crown. These good results are reflected year after year in the crown picture. Unfortunately, large spruce trees have been covering the crown of bear oak since the year 2000, so that further comparative photographs are no longer possible. Forest Director a. D. Alfred Becker confirms the continued positive state of the tree. Time and again GEFA partners report successful renovations like this one.



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