Clamshell Flower Basket 650 mm


Double bowl Brighton for (light) mast/ post greening.
Made of double-walled plastic, diameter 650 mm
Suitable for 16 plants each with
9 l water reservoir with capillary mat
incl. Traverse for mast mounting.

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Post greening Clamshell Flower Basket 650 mm

Double bowl Brighton for light mast greening. Made of double-walled plastic, diameter 650 mm, suitable for 16 plants each with 9 l water reservoir, capillary mat, incl. Traverse for mast mounting.

A beautiful and rich flowering plantation in the inner city area is not easy. Due to a high maintenance effort and need water supply in the summer.

The GEFA Flower Design range offers a rich selection of plant elements with a long-term water storage function. By high-quality and technically sophisticated planters the beautification of the inner cities is no longer a problem. With the possibilities of light mast greening and planting towers, a suitable solution is available for almost every location.


Significantly reduced care because of the water depots and capillary mats

Mast greening

Due to the 2 variants of the light mast greening systems, colorful and full flower balls in the inner city area are no longer a problem. The containers are weather-resistant and equipped with special water depots to keep the maintenance effort as low as possible.


Double-walled plastic
Water depot separates under the substrate
Capillary mat directs water to the plant
Installation by means of traverse or console

Series Brighton

The suspension of the Brighton Baskets are on shapely consoles. The black coated metal brackets are attached to the mast with stainless steel straps and bolted to the attached trays.

Thanks to special guides on the back, it is possible to hang the Brighton 600 mm planter by a traverse.

Half shell Brighton, Ø 600 mm

5 l water reservoir
Bracket or crossbar for mounting
For 6 plants and 10 l substrate
Weight with plants about 12.5 kg

Double bowl Brighton, Ø 600 mm

2 half-shells with 5 l water reservoir each
Bracket or crossbar for mounting
For 12 plants and 20 l substrate
Weight with plants about 25 kg

Half shell Brighton, Ø 800 mm

14 l water reservoir
Mounting bracket
For 10 plants and 25 l substrate
Weight with plants about 25 kg

Double bowl Brighton, Ø 800 mm

2 half-shells each with 14 l water reservoir
Mounting bracket
For 20 plants
Weight with plants about 50 kg



Console or traverse

For simple, quick planting
With capillary mat
Suitable for shells Brighton (Ø 600 mm and Ø 800 mm)
Suitable for half shells Royal (Ø 650 mm)

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