Capillary plant tower 1,50 m


Capillary plant tower 1.50 m for 54 plants
Consists of a galvanized steel scaffold.
Height 1.50 m
2 planters each with 65 l volume for and 2 water depots.

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Capillary plant tower 1,50 m

Capillary plant tower 1.50 m consists of a galvanized steel scaffold, height 1.50 m, 2 planters each with 65 l volume for 54 plants and 2 water depots each 65 l with capillary supply.

A beautiful and rich flowering plantation in the inner city area is not easy. Due to a high maintenance effort and need water supply in the summer.

The GEFA Flower Design range offers a rich selection of plant elements with a long-term water storage function. By high-quality and technically sophisticated planters the beautification of the inner cities is no longer a problem. With the possibilities of light mast greening and planting towers, a suitable solution is available for almost every location.


Significantly reduced care because of the water depots and capillary mats

Capillary plant tower

The capillary planting towers are a visual eye-catcher for every purpose. The towers can be used anywhere. Another advantage comes from the water depots.  Upon request, the towers are supplied with special transport brackets and are mobile for easy relocation and storage in winter quarters.


Can be used anywhere
Easy to transport
Secure water supply for up to 14 days
Easy to disassemble
Saves space
Stable thanks to galvanized steel frame


Capillary plant tower 1,50 m

Height: 1.50 m
2 planters 65 l each
2 equal water reservoirs
For 54 plants

Capillary plant tower 2,25 m

Height: 2.25 m
3 planters 65 l each
3 equal water reservoirs
For 78 plants

Capillary rods

For the Capillary plant tower
390 mm long


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