Huminsorb® 25 kg


Huminsorb® is based on STOCKOSORB® 660, various high-quality clay minerals and humic acids (organic-mineral fertilizer NK (5 + 2)
In a 25 kg bag.

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Huminsorb® 25 kg - GEFA

HUMINSORB® is three in one. It combines the benefits of humic acids, clay minerals and modern water storage. HUMINOSORB® is a NK fertilizer for storing water in lawns, ornamental plants and shrubs. It has proven itself especially in the treatment of special deficiency symptoms in trees. This water storage with bioactivator, is the result of scientific studies and practical experience in gardening and landscaping.


Plants can always rely on stored water and nutrients when they need it
Active ingredients can be easily absorbed by roots
Saves additional fertilizer
Less pouring effort
Less stress and drought stress
Stronger root growth
Improved plant quality

Product features:

5% share of humic acid-based bioactivator for fast and long-term plant growth
Increases water retention capacity of the soil and stores dissolved nutrients in the water
Humic acids bind salts and pollutants
Carbon content promotes beneficial soil organisms
Montmorillonite, kaolinite, feldspar and mica increase soil ion exchange capacity
Increases the soil humus production
Clay mineral content facilitates manual application

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